Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3832 (project freeciv):

I realise on re-reading my last post that I may not have outlined why this
might be interesting at all.  Apologies for that.

The ultimate goal was to be able to have different types of requirements for
move_cost=2 roads, depending on terrain, to have the move_cost=1 road depend
on the presence of any of the move_cost=2 roads, and to have the move_cost=0
road depend on the move_cost=1 road.  Another way in which I tried to use this
(before discovering it didn't work) was to define a road "Dredging", which
could be applied to any river or canal (different canals have different source
requirements: oceanic, river, canal), and changed the nativity so that one
more step of the several different naval unit classes could use it.

Trying to do this in only 16 roads without roadflags isn't possible (as one
needs to define different roads for every possible set of conditions: flags
let one create OR-like models without real disjunctive reqs lists), especially
if one also tries to have some move_cost=3 roads for particularly troublesome
terrain.  Yes, this can be simulated to some degree with high costs to build
move_cost=2 roads in some terrains, but it has always bothered me that when it
took a long time to build a road, follow-up units received full penalties for
the tile until it was complete.


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