Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3836 (project freeciv):

Not being a native speaker makes you more qualified to identify potential
confusions.  While "...on a tile in the city" is gramatically correct, that it
is potentially confusing significantly increases the chances that translations
will be poor, which is undesireable.  "...on a tile within city range" is very
technical: works great for those who think about ruleset concepts, but I'm not
sure it is very accessible to players who don't consider rulesets in such
detail, moreso if they have played some of the civlike games where cities can
attack units within some range (perhaps differing from working range or vision
range) without a unit.

How about "...on a tile within the city radius"?  I feel like it is important
to link to the concept of tiles that can potentially be worked, but given that
rulesets specify whether individual tiles can be worked with reqs, that may
not be precisely correct (a ruleset author could not let mountains be worked
by cities, but let bases on mountains allow certain things to happen).  I'm
not sure precisely which terms would be considered general, or which have
sufficient other discussion in the help to be clear to the player.


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