Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3027 (project freeciv):

> In some ways it would be a lot easier if the internal character
> set could be relied on to be UTF-8.

Yes, now that I'm looking libicu stuff, I'd like to replace a lot of our most
low-level string handling to use its UTF-8 handling. For one, I think we have
at least theoretical bugs in how we currently handle strings that are actually
of some-encoding as ASCII. Fixing those to work on with any internal encoding
is not going to happen, but if we could rely to that everything is UTF-8
except in the very last moment it's written out to non-UTF-8 "device" or very
first moment it's read in from, handling would be in most cases trivially
simple (call equivalent icu function instead of c-lib function)

At present day, do we have any reason not to switch to UTF-8 that way in 2.6?


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