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> I made scalable minimap for qt-client ( default is integer only, that one
> is fully scalable),
> but I had to draw viewport manually.
> For that I had to convert gui to overview position, but that function is
> static ( in overview_common.c),
> so I used gui to map conversion and then map to overview ( but I added gui
> to map conversion to
> mapview.cpp in qt )
> But now I think it would be much easier if I could just make
> gui_to_overview_pos non-static.
> So should I do it or not ?

 I haven't checked this particular case too closely, but at least there's
no general policy against making formerly static function part of module
API. Often functions are static to begin with just for convenience when
there's no outside callers which would need then in API. That said, you
should consider if the function is part of clean API of the module, or does
it reveal some internal details of the module that no outside callers
should not depend on, before making it un-static.

 btw. I would consider Qt-client development something that should go to
S2_5 (after it's branched) too. For one, we have nothing to lose on that
front. We don't have playable Qt-client that the development might break,
but we have a chance of getting one as 2.5 feature. That's the case at
least for now - once S2_5 gets more stable and/or Qt-client reaches certain
level of playability, we should reconsider that policy.

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