Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3837 (project freeciv):

Patch attached for S2_3.  The pf_tools functions are not adjusted, as the
nature of the flags in question don't have much meaning for UMT_LAND units
(which restriction is imposed by pft_fill_parameter()).

For S2_4, I'm much less certain of the correct solution.  It seems to be
possible to build a "Big Land" unit on non-native terrain (e.g. forest/river),
which unit then cannot move until the Bridge Building technology is known (at
which point the city gets a road, which makes it native, so that the check is
irrelevant).  In the absence of UCF_ATT_FROM_NON_NATIVE, I'm unsure of the
correct logic to use for the pf_tools checks to allow an e.g. Catapult to
attack an adjacent square when there is yet no road available in the city to
make the tile native, even if the adjacent square is native to Catapults. 
Suggestions welcome.

(file #17767)

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