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Attached is a patch that seems to work for me.  Note that the increase in
appeal for the improvements is essential here: early revisions of the patch
didn't include that, with the result that when the granary was full, the AI
deprioritised food, and then happily decided it didn't need that
Aqueduct/Sewer System so much after all, with the result that cities ended up
capped at size 8.  It still sometimes builds other things in preference to the
EFT_SIZE_ADJ improvement, but it gets around to it after what seems a
reasonable time, making me think the adjustment factor isn't horridly
imbalanced.  It may be that we don't need to always rearrange workers with a
full granary as if it was an emergency, but not doing so seemed to cause long
delays in the AI deciding to actually use more production during my testing.

(file #17823)

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