Looking at the UTYF_BOMBARDER nativity issue, I notice that GNA patches 
1850 (unreachableprotects) and 1851 (capturer/capturable) seem to have 
surrounded the prior bombarder code, with the effect that Unreachable 
units do not protect other units from being captured or bombarded, 
regardless of the setting.

In the case of capturing units, there is a test to ensure every unit at 
the target tile is capturable, but it doesn't also check to see if the 
capturable units are reachable, so that if one had a capturable 
unreachable unit (e.g. Payroll plane), it could be captured by units 
that would normally be unable to target the class (e.g. Horsemen).

In the case of bombardment, whether a given unit happens to be reachable
is checked as each unit is bombarded, but the stack is always presumed to
be vulnerable, regardless of the server setting.

As 1851 postdates 1850 in initial envisionment (if not application), and
both postdate the bombarder code, I suspect these behaviours to be
intentional, but thought it worth asking, as they seemed surprising to me.


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