While trying to understand pathfinding, I noticed that 
client/goto.c:get_connect_road() seems to have different behaviour 
depending on whether the move cost of the road is 0 or not (presumably 
from the 0|1 values used for road/rail, at least judging by the 
comments).  I don't yet understand enough to do anything with this, but 
if the intent is to have 2.5 include roads with move_cost of 0, 1, and 2 
in shipping rulesets, it may be useful for someone with a greater 
understanding of pathfinding to review this and confirm it has the 
correct behaviour (extra points for a comment update so nobody else 
wonders this in the future).

    Note also that there is a nativity assumption in line 591 
(@SVN22770), where it would probably be better to test whether punit is 
native to proad rather than just assuming it (at least in the case of 
the alien ruleset there are units capable of building roads they cannot 
use (e.g. Amphibious engineer building Burrow Tube).  There may be 
others that I didn't see from my cursory examination.

    I'm not sure if these represent bugs or yet unimplemented features 
(or even misunderstandings on my part), but would be happy to file 
tickets for them if someone is able to tell me in which category they 
fall and doesn't want to do that themselves.


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