I have a buggy, impractical, hard to use, untested, unfinished
recorder for Freeciv games that makes it possible to replay a game to
the Freeciv server. By connecting to the server where the game is
being replayed on and join as an observer the record can be viewed.
Being able to observe a game you played after it is over may help you
become a better player. Showing off your skills may be fun.
Demonstrating a strategy for beginners and AI's that learn by watching
may also be interesting. It may also have potential as a real paranoid
debugging tool by testing that each packet is the same when nothing is
supposed to have changed (not implemented yet).

This is so untested that I haven't recorded an entire Freeciv game in
it. I have only compiled it and tried it on Debian Wheezy/AMD64. I
don't know if it even will build on Windows or OS X. I don't know if I
got the documentation I just wrote right. But I suspect that unless I
publish this now I'll again be distracted by some minor area of it. On
the other hand I don't want the current bad state to scare away people
that later, when the probability of things working is higher, could
have become valuable testers. I therefore need some advice from people
that know the Freeciv community better than me:
 * should I post this to the forum as well as here or will a post
there attract those that are scared away for good?
 * will distributing a source bundle addition to the URL to my Bazaar
repository attract the kind of people that gets scared away when they
can't make it work?

Some additional warnings: It need to start from a Freeciv save of a
started game. Only one human player is "well" supported. (Well
supported relative to the rest. I have, as I said, never played a full
game using it) It requires using Freeciv trunk. It suffer from
threading issues. While I worked on it I sometimes panic coded, then
got stuck in panic code, started to plan grand abstractions that I
half way implemented, started panic coding again while forgetting the
half done abstractions, etc. In other words the code is over and under
engineered at the same time. Basing something on it as it is now
probably isn't a good idea.

The code can be downloaded via Bazaar by the command
  bzr branch http://folk.ntnu.no/kvilhaug/bazaar/FreecivRecorder/

If you try it I would appreciate bug reports. If it actually works I
would also like to hear about it.

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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