On 4/30/13, Bernd Jendrissek <bernd.jendris...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The focus is on testing client and server behaviour overall, packets be 
> damned, so not really in the same category as your recorder tool.
It still looks interesting. I wrote my recorder because I'll need
records on the level of player actions for another project* and
because writing it would help me test my Java implementation of the
Freeciv protocol. I'll have a closer look at you tool when time

> Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't see anything at
> http://folk.ntnu.no/kvilhaug/bazaar/FreecivRecorder/ with my www
> browser - or is that expected for a bzr repository?
It is expected. Bazaar will look in .bzr when branching. A source
tarball containing the source code of Freeciv and the source code of
my system is coming. I just want to fix some issues I imagine may
scare testers away for good first. After it is uploaded fixing the 2.4
issues will hopefully make it accessible to those that don't want to
compile Freeciv them self.

* that I'll keep secret for now as there are enough vaporware out there already

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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