Hello! I am making a game using the sourcecodes of Pokemon Online eu and
Pokemon showdown. It is much more though, we will have forum games, chat
room games, and hopefully some other random but good games. Such as

I was wondering if you'd be able to talk with me, perhaps over skype as I,
myself, am not so much a programmer, but a thinker and the person who've
brought together a willing and eager group of 20 variously skilled people
together. The game will be c++, but we'd like to tether Freeciv (we will
figure out a way to get it high fantasy themed) to Chaosis. The main
problem is that I would like people to gain rewards for playing freeciv
(which would be a 'mini game') these rewards will be simple in design, say,
reward for 1 city, 10 cities ect ect, these rewards than could be used on
the maingame, chaosis.

As I am still slightly new at... incorporating games into chaosis as a
whole, I was hoping we could discuss how we could make such a thing happen
with a c++ game.

My game will be opensourced, free, and all advertisement profit will go to
players as rewards for competing and winning in tournaments.

Thank you for your time
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