Task #7504, 2.4.0 release, still has some dependencies blocking the release.

1) Root_req issues (bug #17887)
  Tech root_req handling has many problems on science dialog. I've already
suggested that we simply revert root_req usage from experimental ruleset,
so no shipping ruleset would use it. For custom rulesets the problems are
not reggression since 2.3.
 Even if we go the route of removing root_reqs from experimental ruleset
and postponing root problem fixes to 2.5, this is still high priority. We
don't want to ignore it now and get into same situation of it blocking
release when 2.5 draws near. Fixes for S2_5 and S2_4 would probably also be
near identical, so they could go in for custom rulesets in 2.4 bugfix
releases already.

2) gtk3-client problems
 The known gtk3-client crasher, bug #19846, already has patch submitted.
There's some other gtk3-client specific bugs, none of them currently listed
as release blockers. Whether likes of assert failure bug #20305 should be
raised to blocker status is open to discussion. In any case fixes for these
would be very much welcome

3) Distributing .blend files (patch #3719)
  If we agree that we have to somehow provide .blend files to download from
sourceforge, resolving this ticket could still be as easy as documenting
tarball creation during the release process. There's no need to make it
perfect for the initial release. Downside is that this makes release
creation process more complicated.

 4) Loading savegame from pre-nationality ruleset that now has nationality
enabled (bug #20538)
  This is (in theory, I have not tested) problem for shipping experimental
ruleset. Games saved in 2.3 will give warnings about missing nationality
information when loaded to 2.4.
 This shouldn't be too hard to fix by generating the required info when
such an savegame is loaded. If we accept such an simple solution, and its
effects gameplay wise, that is.

 5) unit_move() problems (bug #20697)
  These are practically resolved, with only not-yet-closed ticket being
already submitted patch tocuhing comments only

 6) Transport problems (bug #20722)
  We know for sure that some bugs still exist, but those are not
reggressions since 2.3. We also have open some bugreports that could very
well be resolved by all the other fixes gone in related to transporters.
For those it would be beneficial even if one notes that bug has ben seen
even in latest development version., so we know it's still there.

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