Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3856 (project freeciv):

    Backport patches for S2_4, S2_5 attached.  From manual inspection they
appear to be only offset changes, but I had some rejects trying to apply the
originally applied patch to these branches (it still applies to trunk with
offsets).  Also attached is the (tiny) patch for S2_3 that corrects the value
provided for only_ocean.  As previously discussed, I don't think it worth
applying this: while it may improve the AI, the total implications deserve
playtesting, and an elder stable branch is not the place for that (so I shan't
be opening a separate ticket for it, nor do I anticipate application).

(file #17899, file #17900, file #17901)

Additional Item Attachment:

File name: native-find-closest-city.S2_4.patch Size:9 KB
File name: restrict-target-cities-for-umt-sea.S2_3.patch Size:0 KB
File name: native-find-closest-city.S2_5.patch Size:9 KB


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