Hi all Freeciv developers!

It has now been about a week since Freeciv-web became playable on http://play.freeciv.org/ so I thought that I should post an update.

13,688 people visited play.freeciv.org accoding to Google Analytics.

"Worldwide productivity has plummeted", accoding to pcgamer.com:

As you can see from the Freeciv-web metaserver, there is quite a lot of activity:

In fact, there is so much activity that the server is running on very high load, and isn't able to accept more players into games at times. So at the moment we already could use more server resources.

Here's more background information about the Freeciv-web client:

Here's the source code on github:
(fork us on github!)

I would still really like to engage more developers in Freeciv-web development. So if you are interested, then I can help you setup the development environment if you need any help. Also, developers testing the game on http://play.freeciv.org and reporting bugs would be very useful!


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