Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3906 (project freeciv):

I'm mostly working on requirement processing right now, but here are a couple
untested candidate patches that implement items 1) and 2).  If someone would
like to test/adjust/fix these to actually work properly, they can have all the
credit (large chunks are mechanical and if nothing else need adjustment to
meet the line length guidelines of CodingStyle.  I believe they belong in
separate tickets.  These are currently stacked over all sorts of patches in
the review queue, so may not apply to trunk, but should at least point out the
sorts of changes that would be needed.

Although you claim not to have the skill to write the patches, you've
demonstrated the ability to read code, think about code, and submit patches: I
suspect you would be able to adapt/debug/review the untested patches.  Note
that I may have missed something in these patches: they were mostly generated
by searching for uses of the constants and making them go away: adjusting
rulesets to use the changed code and playtesting is absolutely required as a
bare minimum before they could be considered for application.

For road flags, I'm waiting for deeper review/application of patch #3832 or
lack of other things to do to add the user-defined ones, but wouldn't mind at
all if someone else chose to write that before I get to it :).  Allowing these
to affect the movement mid-move would require much more complex handling in
tile_move_cost_ptrs(), and extends beyond my current thinking.

(file #17958, file #17959)

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