Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3908 (project freeciv):

I'm not convinced this part of the code is the issue.  I can generate a 20%
discrepancy anyway (tilesperplayer=60, landmass=30, mapsize player, 5
players).  Everything is evenly divisible, so it falls into the second part of
the conditional, but I get a map of 1200 tiles (of which typically more than
350 are land, and I've gotten numbers as high as 389, without enabling
tinyisles).  At a high level, this is a 20% overage (1200 vs 1000), and much
of that is available at a lower level.  This doesn't seem to be running
against the minimum size (512 tiles), so I blame something in set_sizes(). 
The same 5 players typically get an underage (4800 from 5000 is only 4%) with

Not to say that this isn't also a potential issue, but since we're counting in
thousands for map.server.size, increasing a value of 1.5 from 1 to 2 only
reduces us from being 33% wrong to being 25% wrong.  We could probably be more
accurate if we had more significant digits (and wouldn't need rounding), so
we'd be explicitly requesting 1500 tiles for 20% landmass, 5 players, 60 tiles
per player, rather than trying to decide which of 1000 or 2000 is a closer
match.  Given the requirements of map cardinality and defined ratios, I'd
argue that sizing/fitting issues cause greater discrepancy than rounding if we
carried all the digits.

On a side note, if this code is being improved, it may be worth bounding it so
that size can't be 0: this causes the server to crash being unable to
construct a map (e.g. landmass 45%, 5 players, 60 tiles per player): this
rounding will make it harder to hit this condition, but it may still be
possible with some input conditions.


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