Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3887 (project freeciv):

I believe the apparent issue with bomber handling is related to the current
get_MC() callbacks not providing the correct value for the cost of an attack
for UTYF_ONEATTACK units, rather than being an issue in
pf_fuel_map_attack_is_possible().  If airmove() is modified to charge the
remainder of that turn's possible moves for these units, I don't believe the
bomber logic needs further changes in pf_fuel_map_attack_is_possible().

One possible way to handle this is that from patch #3901 (in the
attack_move_cost() function, although that depends on
pf_fuel_map_adjust_cost() from patch #3897).  Another would be to perform
similar conditionals and modulo math inside airmove(), preserving the current
nativity issues.

With correct attack cost charges, pf_fuel_map_iterate() should only allow
attack in cases where there would be sufficient fuel to return to base *after*
the attack.


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