Follow-up Comment #1, bug #20848 (project freeciv):

These bounds appear to be determined client-side, in the code for creating the
sliders in client/gui-gtk-[23].0/cma_fe.c; in the gtk-2 version on lines 327 -
    pdialog->minimal_surplus[i] =
        GTK_ADJUSTMENT(gtk_adjustment_new(-20, -20, 20, 1, 1, 0));

and in the gtk-3 version probably lines 343 - 345:
   pdialog->minimal_surplus[i] = hscale =
        gtk_scale_new(GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL, NULL);
    gtk_range_set_range(GTK_RANGE(hscale), -20, 20);

These seem to override a value of -60 for a preset defined in the cma section
of ~/.freeciv-client-rc-<version>.
Easy enough to change by themselves, but at least the Gtk-2 version won't
adjust its size accordingly making precise control (such as setting a slider
back to 0 after going to -50) all but impossible.
 I don't intend to learn gtk-2 long after it's been deprecated and I won't
touch the gtk-3 one until I've upgraded my distro so I can compile it, but I
hope I've pointed someone else in the right direction.


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