I recently updated to freeciv 2.4-beta2 and tried to play a old custom
ruleset. Given the age of the rule set it failed to load at all and I
had to update it. Updating from version 1.9 (or even older) rulesets
to 2.4 was quite a leap so some things didn't work right.

The first thing was that the terrain was missing colors and the server
refused to load them. That was easy to spot and the error told exactly
what needed fixing. I give this as a positive example. There was a
problem and the server told me exactly what it was.

After fixing those obvious problems the ruleset did get loaded by the
server but still didn't quite work. The problems became more hard to
spot. For example:

1) No irrigation effect was defined since that simply didn't exist
back then. So units were unable to irrigate at all.

I think the server could give a warning about effects know to exist
but not used. Esspecialy such crucial effects like being able to

2) A veteran diplomat defending a city became invincible. Back when
the ruleset was written there was no veteran system at all. I've added
the default veteran system but did not see that diplomats needed a
custom veteran system. This caused veteran diplomats to be twice as
good as normal ones. With the way diplomat chances are computed this
seem to result in invincible defending diplomats.

I can thing about two ways the server could warn about this:

A) It knows that diplomat chances are suspectible to overflow and warn
if the veteran system is in danger of such. This would require some
reverse calculation to find out at what veteran_power level the
diplomat becomes invincible and warn if that level is reached or exceeded.

B) The code computing diplomat chances could detect that the diplomat
has become invincible and warn (once) about it. This type of check
should generally be much simpler but would need someone to actually
trigger it to become visible.



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