My recorder has a new version. It can record a Freeciv game and later
replay it to a Freeciv server. A replay can be seen by connecting as
an observer to the Freeciv server it is played back to. The program
has rough edges. Bugs are expected. Please follow the instructions in
the README file to test that everything works before trying to record
a long game.

 * A version compiled for the Freeciv 2.4 beta can be found at
The Freeciv 2.4 beta and Java (6 or 7) must be downloaded from
somewhere else unless you already got it. This file also include the
source code and the Freeciv source code used to generate some of the
Java code.
 * The source code alone can be found at
(nothing else included). This can be compiled to support Freeciv 2.4,
2.5 or trunk.
 * If you want a compiled version for 2.5 or trunk tell me and I'll create it.

To give feed back reply to this email or the forum thread at I would appreciate
to be told about bugs you discover. This includes bugs in the
documentation. I would also like to be told if everything works great.
Knowing how important various bugs or missing features are to you can
help me decide what to focus on during the time I use on the recorder.
 * This is a command line program. It assumes that Freeciv is started
from the command line as well. I'm considering adding a GUI. I'm also
considering adding automatic launching of the Freeciv server. If you
want to test the recorder but don't know how to use the command line
please tell me.
 * At the moment a recording is stored in one file pr connected
Freeciv client. To play back a multi player game all the files must be
sent to the play back program.
 * Unless a name is specified the record files will be given a default
name. The next unnamed record wil overwrite it unless the files are
renamed or moved.
 * The recorder cause a delay when its recording. The default mode can
be made faster.
 * A record of remote players played back locally or local players
played back remotely usually won't work.

Known issues:
 * The Freeciv server had a bug that crashed it when a global observer
viewed a game. This has been fixed in recent versions.
 * If you have a time out during a game but don't record time
information the recording will be useless.
 * The Windows implementation of the Freeciv hack protocol may use a
different location than Freeciv use on some set ups.

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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