Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3933 (project freeciv):

Attachment 1 affects the following files:
I.e. the same ones as the original submission plus fc_types.h - I hope that
was the correct place to define the new enum (on a sidenote, using SPECENUM
was surprisingly easy considering how scary the code looked). Apart from that
I also added another couple of possible settings (see below). I had to add to
the possible cpu workload and player notification spam in unit_enter_city(),
but on the plus side the new code makes use of existing notifications and thus
doesn't add any work for translators.

Attachment 2 affects the game.ruleset files for alien, civ1, civ2, civ2civ3,
classic, experimental and multiplayer. Full addition:
; Method of transferring unit upkeep from cities lost to conquering enemies
; (all styles but "None" require gold_upkeep_style > 0). Where applicable
; units will have their upkeep transferred to the city closest to their
; current location in which they can exist.
; None - (Default) No units are transferred.
; BaseGold - Units with gold only or free of upkeep prior to applying any
;    effects have their upkeep transferred.
; EffGold - Units with gold only or free of upkeep after applying player-
;    and city effects (including Shield2Gold) have their upkeep transferred.
; BaseNoFood - Units without food upkeep prior to applying any effects have
;    their upkeep transferred.
; EffNoFood - Units without food upkeep after applying current effects have
;    their upkeep transferred.
; All - All units have their upkeep transferred.
upkeep_transfer_style = "None"

(file #18056, file #18057)

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