Summary: Idea: Mark tiles as do-not-use/force-use in the city
map to help with overlaps
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            Submitted on: Thu 13 Jun 2013 09:53:51 AM GMT
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I have 2 cities A and B like this (simplified and shrunk for this example):


A is larger and has a city radius of 2.5 while B is small and has a radius of
1. The usable tiles of A and B overlap at #. A has a lot of choices of usable
tiles while B is seriously limited. What happens is that A will claim the #
tile while having perfectly good alternatives while B is desperate to get it.

Or worse, I'm desperate for B to use it while the AI thinks B should use
another tile and A should use it. Then every time A and B change size (or some
other event I can't pin down) B will give up the tile and A will start using

Now here is my idea:

1) In the city map of A I would like to flag the # tile as do-not-use,
preventing the tile from being used by that city. The CMA agent and implicit
reset of tiles on size change would then ignore that tile, take it as blocked
by another city even if it is not.

2) In the city map of B I would like to flag the # tile as force-use. This
could have 3 meanings:

2a) Must use the tile. Force-use can only be set when the tile is used by the
city. If the tile must be vacated due to lack of citizens then the force-use
would expire. Don't like that much.

2b) When picking tiles to use first pick all force-use tiles before any other.
No Specialist may be picked before all force-use tiles are used. But
force-used tiles may remain empty if there aren't enough citizens to fill them
This would survive a city shrinking because a settler was build and

2c) When picking tiles to use first pick all force-use tiles before any other.
The CMA/implicit selection may pick any subset of those tiles if it can't or
doesn't want to pick them all. So specialist may be chosen instead of using a
force-use tile.




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