Summary: civ2civ3 ruleset update
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            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: vie 14 jun 2013 12:28:27 GMT
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The changes are based on the comments of longturn players after they used this
ruleset in lastest game LT31.

The main complains were:
- happiness too hard to handle at large empires.
- bombers and missile units too weak.
- monarchy and communism seems clearly better than republic and democracy for
conquest games.

List of changes in this update:
- Doubled the empire size for all governments. Federation available with tech
Economics (instead of Democracy).

- Republic uses standard upkeep of units again: 1 shield per unit. Increased
free units under Democracy/Federation.

- A city can support twice as many units with gold upkeep as its population
size (aditional units cause waste of food).

- Max 3 units can apply Martial Law (was max 20 for Despotism and Anarchy).

- Barracks available without any techs again. Warriors become obsolete by
Musketeers instead of Pikemen.

- Super Highways require Stock Exchange to get the bonus +50% to

- Wheeled units (Big land) can conquer cities again, but do not take advantage
of terrain defense bonuses. They can move to fortress even if not roaded.

- Units with CityBuster (artillery and missile) bypass the bonus to defense
from fortress. Howitzer movement reduced to 1.

- Increased damage caused by Bombardment. Cruise Missile no longer cause
unhappiness, and increased range. AEGIS protect against fighters, bombers and
missiles again.

- Removed bonuses to movement in river. Triremes can navigate rivers again.

I have already updated the version 2.3 and 2.4 of this ruleset with these
changes (soon available with modpack tool), I'd thank if you could update the
trunk with this patch so all versions share the same rules.


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By: bardo



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