Summary: If Occupychance=100, units waste 2 movement points
per attack
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            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: jue 04 jul 2013 16:38:04 GMT
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If the military option Occupychance is set to 100%, the attacking unit is
automatically moved to the target tile, but the movement of the unit is
reduced twice: one movement point due to the attack and another one due to the
The result is that cavalry units can not attack twice, nor they can keep
moving after attacking, so they are nerfed compared to infantry.
Also, it gives an advantage to units that can not move to target tile due to
ZOC, because they waste only one movement point per attack, while units with
igZOC waste 2 movement in one single attack.
Forcing the units to move to the attacked tile is already a disadvantage, I
find it important for balance that it does not cost extra movement points.

I would ask to change the behavior so attack+movement requires only one
movement point, same than attack without movement.


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