Follow-up Comment #8, patch #3856 (project freeciv):

> 3) When teleporting a UTYF_UNDISBANDABLE unit in 
> try_to_save_unit(), teleport to a city native to the transport, 
> rather than always a coastal city. This only affects rulesets 
> with non-UMT_SEA transports that can carry UTYF_UNDISBANDABLE 
> units, so results were not shown in any of my autogame testing 
> (no differences, but not actually exercised meaningfully).
Doesn't the fixed version now insist on a city that's native to the transport
_and_ coastal (since only_ocean is still TRUE)?
If so, "UTYF_UNDISBANDABLE units are killed outright for maps without coastal
cities" is still true, I think (I haven't tested it).
(Also, what of the nativity of the undisbandable unit? -- looking at S2_4, I
don't see anything stopping a unit with nativity requirements being teleported
to a city where it will be "landlocked". That's probably another ticket,
though, and also quite an obscure case.)


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