Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21045 (project freeciv):

We introduced run-time-variable command help just so mapimg_help() could
carefully constructs a list of compiled-in toolkits (IIRC), but I suppose the
examples aren't conditionalised:

Examples of <mapdef>:

I think I thought at the time that making all the examples mention
"format=ppm" in the non-MagickWand case would make a user who'd only seen a
non-IM build wonder "so what's the point of this format parameter for anyway
if it can only ever take one value" -- I left them in to demonstrate that
variety was possible.

But I suppose we could construct an alternative set of examples if there's
only on tool/format which omit the 'format' argument.

(Also, i18n. But since the examples are non-translatable, we can get away with
making the whole block a %s whose values aren't marked for i18n.)


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