Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21053 (project freeciv):

> Access violation reading location 0x00000160.
It's not completely implausible that this is another instance of bug #21044.
That would cause a read of (struct terrain)->bv_terrain_flags (first char, I
think) through a NULL pointer, and while I don't know the Windows 32-bit ABI
for sure, totting up the length of structure members using some plausible
assumptions (int=data-pointer=4 locations) gets an offset in the right ball
park (I get 349 vs 352 reported).

To the original reporter (if they're reading): could it be caused by the issue
in bug #21044?

If no further information emerges, I'll close this as inconclusive, as there's
not much else we can do with it.


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