Update of bug #21065 (project freeciv):

                 Release:               2.4.0 RC1 => 2.4.0-RC1              


Follow-up Comment #1:

Can you explain exactly where you think the bug is?

In all the cases below I think your (xsize, ysize) combinations have been
correctly either accepted or connected.

The only oddity is the error message reporting where it gives you two messages
including the previous xsize/ysize respectively:

[20:21:01] Play: 'set xsize 3333'
[20:21:01] /set: The map size (3333 * 666 = 2219778) must be lower than
2048000 tiles.
[20:21:01] Play: 'set ysize 2222'
[20:21:01] /set: The map size (999 * 2222 = 2219778) must be lower than
2048000 tiles.

I infer from the "Saved settings" messages that you're changing these settings
in the client. Unfortunately, the UI where you edit both and submit them
together is not reflected in the protocol; the server receives the changes to
each of xsize and ysize in separate packets and validates them individually,
as it has no way of knowing they're part of a set.

As a result, I think that it would be possible to get an erroneous rejection
when trying to change from a very wide*tall to a tall*wide map (not that
you've triggered this).

We have a similar issue loading savegames and server scripts (where it is a
more serious problem); I hadn't considered that the client UI suffers from the
same thing. If we are to fix all of these, I think we need to make it possible
to present (xsize,ysize) atomically, either via some notion of transactions on
settings as a whole (which will deal with complex interdependencies), or by
inventing complex compound setting types.


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