Update of bug #21066 (project freeciv):

                 Release:               2.4.0 RC1 => 2.4.0-RC1              
                 Summary: No FRACTAL map generator. => Unwanted fallback from
FRACTAL to RANDOM map generator


Follow-up Comment #2:

The server help for the 'generator' setting does hint that this is a

  If the requested generator is incompatible with other server settings,
  the server may fall back to another generator.

However, looking at the code, the only actual intentional fallbacks I find are
from the "Island-based" (ISLAND) generator to something else, generally in
cases where the requested value of 'landmass' is too high.

I haven't spotted any cases where if you specify the "Pseudo-fractal height"
(FRACTAL) generator, it will fall back to the "Fully random height" (RANDOM)

Can you provide the complete set of settings you are using to provoke this?
(Or a savegame of the resulting map will probably do just as well.)

In general, if you start the server with "-d 3", it will tell you when it is
forced to fall back to something other than what you asked for.
(However, I gather you're spawning the server from the client; there isn't an
option for this in the client. Starting a standalone server is likely to
perturb things too much.)

The interaction of generator/startpos and the fallback strategy is a bit of a
mess. I tried to improve it by adding comments and log messages a while back,
but coming back to it it's still hard to follow, so it could use more


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