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Follow-up Comment #2:

> The catalan nation is in the medieval group.
Indeed, on all branches (including S2_3 and 2.3.4) the groups for Catalan are

groups="Medieval", "Early Modern", "European"

The published policy (in doc/README.nations
only requires nations in the "Modern" group to be currently sovereign states.

"A nation in Freeciv should preferrably be a current independent country or a
historical kingdom or realm. A nation that is currently governed by or the
part of a greater political entity, or in other ways lacks complete
independence could in most cases be made a Freeciv nation as well, but must
never be listed as _modern_ (see 'Nation grouping' below.)"


"Modern nations are existing and politically independent countries; a nation
listed as ancient, medieval or early modern should have had an independent
dynasty or state in ancient (until 500 AD), medieval (500 - 1500) or early
modern (1500 - 1800) times respectively."

Hence, closing as invalid.


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