Update of bug #21071 (project freeciv):

                Category:          client-gtk-2.0 => general                
                 Release:               2.4.0 RC1 => 2.4.0-RC1              


Follow-up Comment #1:

Well, it's kind of selectable currently, in that some generators
(fractal/island) will take 'startpos' into account and try to make a number of
continents/islands that's appropriate (for instance the "fractal" generator
will try to make more islands for startpos=all than for startpos=single,
although it makes no guarantees (in common with many of the map generator

That said, in my brief testing even that didn't work very well (particularly
for fractal). And there's no communication between the map generator and start
position logic such that the islands the map generator intended for player
starts are actually used for that (bug #20831).

Maybe we should have options for finer-grained control (although I suspect
many of the map generator algorithms can't guarantee to produce exactly a
certain number of continents).

I don't think this is a recent regression though.


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