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Follow-up Comment #2:

> I'd rather just add support for qualified strings in SPECENUM_VALUE%d_NAME.
<type>_name() should strip qualifiers out.
Attached patch is as you suggested.

Off topic: I now realize that my guess about how performance sensitive I
should be when working on Freeciv code was way to high. Throwing away the
caution and the prejudice about C projects that made the guess wrong I try
again: Would it be correct to say that as long as the (worst case) complexity
don't change I shouldn't worry to much about performance when working on

You see, my first idea was the same as your suggestion. Then I started
worrying about introducing that extra function call (that I don't know if will
be optimized away) + comparison to all the non qualified users of specenum as
well. In patch #4104 Jacob suggested moving stuff to Lua. I had worried about
the performance impact of using an effect.

(file #18845)

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