Follow-up Comment #10, patch #4104 (project freeciv):

Thank you for reviewing it. Allowing multiple extras is reasonable to expect
no matter what bigger solution ends up being implemented. I can add it to the
basic solution. The effect solution already support it. I don't mind waiting
for the extra work to get a bit further.

I would like to avoid the extra cause solution. As you pointed out it has
problems. What concerns me the most is that it would tie climate change to the
stuff you "get for free" from nukes and polluting cities. Use cases for
* Each "Atmosphere enrichment station" built helps global warming in a rule
set where a frozen world is terraformed. The suspension of disbelief isn't
broken by a free "Atmosphere enrichment station" each time a city is
* Detonating a nuke creates a "Blast Road" in a science fiction rule set. The
rule set author isn't lynched by a mob of angry climate scientists for
claiming that roads cause global cooling.


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