Update of patch #4197 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #1:

Have been thinking quite hard if the handicaps module should go to ai/, or
under server/ (even server/advisors/) as the main server code uses it too. In
the end decided that it's ok for soemthing used by the main server to live in
ai -root (but obviously not in ai-type specific subdirs).

This patch resolves one of the three problems in fitting handicaps to correct
place in architecture; ai-handicaps are no longer in common code.
The remaining problems are that 1) while some handicaps are used by main
server code, most of them are specific to default ai - those should live in
default ai space, and 2) ai-type has no say in assigning handicaps (together
this means that default ai has no control over when default ai specific
handicaps are assigned)


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