I'm a bit undecided if freeciv-ruledit should be implemented as gtk-,
or qt-program. It's of course possible that later we have gui for both
like freeciv-client and freeciv-modpack do, but initially it makes
more sense to make just one gui to work.
I think this is mainly question about portability. Of the potential
guis we have only gtk2 currently supported in our windows builds. I
think Qt would be relatively easy to add (it exists), while we have
been waiting official gtk3 builds for windows for years.
One argument could be that the same toolkit should be used as the
default client uses, and thus should be gtk3. But who knows if gtk3
remainst the default client for long - Qt client is already very
promising and if we cannot have gtk3 for windows, we may decide to put
our main effort behind it. Selecting gtk3 for freeciv-ruledit now
would actually end up in a situation where default client is Qt, but
freeciv-ruledit gtk3 (or even gtk2 in windows).

 - ML

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