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The city "settings" for "new citizens" do not more work as expected. 

General behaviour: If a city has no governor and grows, or if the user
double-clicks on the city centre in the mini-map, the citizens are
automatically reset for an optimal output. Some citizens will be entertainers
(= produce happiness) to balance unhappy citizens. Other citizens work on
tiles to produce food, shields, or trade points. 

Old behaviour: All remaining citizens worked as entertainers, scientists, or
taxmen determined per city by the settings for  "new citizen". The default
"entertainer" was rather dubious.

New behaviour (introduced before 2.3.4): All remaining citizens work as
scientists. The settings for "new citizens" is ignored. This is typically
better than the old behaviour; it is not more necessary to change the default
"entertainer" to "scientist" for each city.

However, after researching everything, "scientists" are less interesting than
"taxmen", and changing the settings for "new citizens" to "taxmen" does not
more work as expected.

Suggested fixes: 
(1) Revert to the old behaviour with a new default "scientists" instead of
(2) Replace the old per city settings for "new citizens" by global settings,
with a default "scientists". Players could then simply switch to taxmen or
entertainers for new citizens in all cities.


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