Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3926 (project freeciv):

>> Perhaps we could make this a bit easier with minimal efforts by
>> having nationlist.ruleset *include "extranations.ruleset"
> How is creating local copy of extranations.ruleset fundamentally > different
from creating local copy of nations.ruleset?
nations.ruleset is ruleset-specific, so you have to copy it to e.g.
~/.freeciv/2.5/classic/nations.ruleset and modify, and again for experimental,
multiplayer, ... (with the file being potentially different each time since it
could contain ruleset specifics, e.g. starting government). (I've tested

Whereas an extranations.ruleset included from nationlist.ruleset you could
copy once to ~/.freeciv/2.5/default/extranations.ruleset and then add your
nation, and it would be available in any ruleset that uses our
nationlist.ruleset (classic, experimental, multiplayer, civ2civ3, plus
potentially third-party rulesets).

> But it is not possible to include a nation that has already been 
> included. [...]
This case (which I hadn't thought of) is actually already trivial if you know
how -- just copy into ~/.freeciv/2.4/nation/cornish.ruleset and start hacking,
and this will override the system cornish.ruleset. (Because the search path is
searched anew for every file.)


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