Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4224 (project freeciv):

This patch is closed. If we talk about things here there is a big chance it
will be forgotten. I suggest you start a thread in the Wishlist forum
<> or create a new patch ticket
on this tracker. If you do that please be clear about what interpretation of
what you said is correct.

The first possible interpretation is based on that this patch is about a
requirement type. A requirement type is used to specify requirements in the
requirement vectors of units, buildings, extras and effects. By using
MaxUnitsOnTile you can create a rule that say you only can build a market
place in a city that has two or three units in it. Are you requesting the
ability to create a rule that requires two or three tanks in the city to build
a market place? Would you use it if it existed? What syntax do you suggest?

My other interpretation candidate is based on your use of the term "fit on" in
stead of "required to be". Is what you ask for a way to limit the number of
units on a tile based on unit type?


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