Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21242 (project freeciv):

> If you've seen AI to build spaceships *in classic ruleset*, then 
> it does work.
Attached is an example endgame from 2.3.4 with the default (now classic)
ruleset where several AIs have spaceships and I think the game is won by space
race. (And we've had a Factory requirement for spaceship parts for ages,
certainly in 2.3 and 2.2.)
(I was testing unusual map dimensions -- bug #20792 -- but I don't think
that's necessary; unfortunately most of the autogames I still have lying
around that might be with newer code no longer load in current versions, so
I'd have to build a special old trunk build to check. I probably haven't done
any autogames with post-2.4 code.)
I wonder what's different from you? My autogame settings are unremarkable:

set gameseed 374362
set mapseed 123814
set savename=autogame
set timeout -1
set ec_turns 0
set aifill 7
set saveturns 1
set minplayers 0

set mapsize xysize
set xsize 500
set yszie 250
set topology wrapx|iso
create Caesar

(yes, I did typo "yszie")

>> once I saw it sit with a complete but unlaunched spaceship for 
>> thousands of years while all its land sank beneath the waves
I think bug #17953 description refers to this incident; however, I don't seem
to still have the files around to check my recollection.

(file #19296)

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