Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21242 (project freeciv):

From my tests with v2.3, the AI builds spaceship components if the
requeriments are already in the city, but AI does not seem to build those
requeriments with the only purpose of launching the spaceship.
In my ruleset the requirements to build spaceships are factories, mfg.plants
and research labs, and I have seen the AI winning the game by space race,
playing v2.3. But it only uses to happen when the AI is at peace with everyone
else and it has cities good enough to build mfg.plants and research labs by
themselfs before the space race starts.
I have noticed that AI at war rarely build non military improvements in their
cities, and so they never build a spaceship.

I suggest you to test autogames with high values of "AI love" to verify if
peaceful AI does launch spaceship in later versions. For example:

name    = "Gain_AI_Love"
value   = 50


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