Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21234 (project freeciv):

Please report separate symptoms as separate tickets (we can always decide
they're related later).

> 1) client has problems communicating with civserver when runing 
> separate (civserver from cmd line/window) 
> A) on server crash/exit, client still shows running game and 
> does not revert to civclient start page (like 2.3- versions)
> [...]
Not seen this. We've had a few reports that make me think maybe Windows 2.4
builds are more flakey than Unix ones.

> B) when leaving game during runnig server, sometimes it closes 
> server and sometimes only server gets "lost connection" error 
Sounds like the server may be crashing in the former case? Did you run it from
a command prompt, so that the window doesn't close immediately and you can see
any error messages? Or, do you get any "this application has closed
unexpectedly" type popups?

> 2) client ignores "new citizens are" setting in city tab [...]
This sounds like the report in bug #21155; suggest continuing the analysis


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