Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21182 (project freeciv):

Indeed, and this is baked into the client/server protocol as well
(CITYO_NEW_EINSTEIN / CITYO_NEW_TAXMAN). The server interprets these options
in a world of generalised specialists with best_specialist(O_SCIENCE, pcity)
and so on, so there is some crude adaptation to non-default rulesets.

There's an obvious generalisation to an arbitrary set of ruleset-defined
specialists -- list all known specialists in the city dialog and network
protocol -- but this might not give a great user experience.

If specialists have been set up with upgrade paths -- so that when you get a
certain tech, you get a new specialist in the series which is strictly better
than the previous one -- it'll be quite annoying to see the full list of
seventeen specialists of which only three are applicable at any given time.
Similarly for nation-specific specialists.

Also, it leads to all your cities needing manual upgrade from
default-Alchemist to default-Research Scientist when the new tech arrives,
because the user's preference was explicitly for Alchemist and the client
doesn't have enough information to reliably infer than Research Scientist
would be more than acceptable.

Specialists' validity is governed by the requirements system and so can change
rapidly (based on e.g. presence of a certain building in a city, or even more
rapidly), so having the client try to guess which specialists to list is
troublesome (as this option doesn't apply right now, it's specifying a
preference for the future when things might have changed).

Not sure what the right answer is. Possibly we need to add some hints in the
ruleset definition about when specialists become obsolete, plus a way for the
server to tell the client "by the way I upgraded your default Alchemist
preference to a default Research Scientist preference".

The alternative is to specify results rather than specialists (which is what
the current options do, in effect), but that's what the City Governor is for.
(Aside: I think the City Governor can use the full range of available


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