Follow-up Comment #10, bug #21060 (project freeciv):

> for completeness sake one should note that en_US is separately 
> added to the beginning of the list, while rest are alphabetical 
> sorted. By luck "American English" would fit the alphabetical 
> order (at least close, I haven't checked) 
Mm, true. I can live with that, though; en_US is clearly special in the
installer, since you can't not install it.

> We may also want to reconsider adding native names of the 
> languages.
I've thought so too. However, we'd definitely want to have a Unicode-clean
path all the way to the installer, on all supported versions of Windows (and
even then I'd be worried that the user's system might fail to display some
characters due to lack of font support).
A choice of "English, □□□□□, □□, or □□□□□□□□" is
probably more annoying to people who want other languages than the current
situation :)


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