Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21272 (project freeciv):

How annoying.
I ran a brief toy game with two players on a team using pooled research for a
while, with both clients run under valgrind, in case there was anything
obvious. It didn't spot anything (well, it found other issues, but nothing
that could explain this crash).
However, there were a couple of differences:
* I was using 2.4.0 rather than 2.3.4;
* One player was not able to look into the other's cities by clicking on the
map. This is probably more important. Remind me in what circumstances one
player can inspect another's city (I assume you don't mean with
diplomats/spies)? By "looking inside", do you mean you get the full city
dialog, or a unit list? And what exactly do you do in the UI to bring it up?

If we don't make progress here, maybe you can delegate the relevant player to
me so I can have a look?


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