First of all:

I can't find the section on the wiki page for a forum that
specifically looks at suggestions. Hence this email.


Many of these suggestions have come about after playing solo freeciv
for over 10 years. They are also less to do with game rules and more
to do with improvements to the gui and commands.


Here are SOME suggestions (I have more but I'll only mail the less
radical ones).

1. "Return to home city" command.

This is similar to the "return to nearest city" command, but instead
the unit heads for its HOME city rather than the nearest one.

2. City Genocide option.

Flagged as part of the military game settings, this option would
result in the total destruction of a city once it has been captured. I
find that sometimes as a solo player I really don't want to capture
enemy cities, so I go into the editing menu to destroy the newly
captured city. Having this option flagged would certainly change how
the game is played, for both players and AI. It's also based on the
notion that other countries could be incompatible species.

3. Gold reserve.

This would prevent the player from actively lowering gold past a
certain arbitrary point (eg 20 gold). It wouldn't affect a passive
lowering (ie from having negative gold per turn) but would prevent the
player from buying improvements or units or upgrading units past a
certain point in the gold reserve. The reason: I often find that when
I have a low amount of gold (eg 5 gold) that I oftentimes lose an
improvement at the end of a turn... even when gold income is positive.
A reserve amount would prevent this from happening.

4. "Give all inventions" flag in game editor

When editing the game I sometimes wish to add all inventions to a
country or countries. I have to manually click on all 87. Having the
ability to flag all inventions at once would speed up this process.

5. City Governor presets should be moved up or down.

When in the city governor screen, all presets, including default and
player created, should be able to be moved up or down according to the
player's needs. If I've created some governor presets I sometimes wish
to move them up and down in order to make it easier for me to choose.

6. Country creator

As part of the "Pick Nation -> What Nation will you be?" screen, the
player should be able to create a country and a series of cities and a
flag and so on. This would then be added to the relevant files. Having
this would be better and easier for players to create their own
countries (eg the banned Tolkien ones) rather than fiddling around
with the actual files (and messing them up)


I have more, but these are the ones I believe will be taken more
seriously than, say, introducing an armoured balloon unit!


Neil Cameron. Solo Freeciv addict.

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