Summary: Empty server shows up on metaserver as
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            Submitted on: Sun Dec  1 00:51:55 2013
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Tiny thing that's been bothering me for ages...

I've noticed that on http://meta.freeciv.org/ sometimes server show up as
having "Human Players" = "Unknown", despite being a new enough version (post
patch #2312) that they should know about humans. This has made me not quite
trust that column at all.

Now I come to investigate, it happens when a server has no players at all
(even AI), because in this case the server sends the special "dropplrs" signal
to the metaserver and doesn't include the "humans" / "available" counts. So
the metaserver can't know that this server counts humans.

Proposed backward-compatible solution:
* In the server, always send "humans" (and maybe "available") even if there
are no players and we're sending "dropplrs". (I think old metaservers will
ignore this.)
* In the metaserver, if the incoming request from a server includes "humans"
(and maybe "available"?), honour it (or at least set "humans" to 0 rather than
-1). (Old servers will give the current behaviour.)


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