Follow-up Comment #12, bug #21272 (project freeciv):

Hmm, thanks.
>From the tip of the stack, the common suffix of those backtraces starts at
gdk_window_new() (from the base, there's not much -- in particular the
main()-y bits are exactly the same as my previous decode so I won't post them
again, and it never hits Freeciv code once it dives off into Gtk event loop
One could read the common section of the call stack as handling an expose
event on a window that's in the process of being created and fluffing that up,
or something like that, maybe...?

(Googling the top of the call stack in both cases, 
gdk_win32_drawable_get_handle(), I idly wonder about Gtk bug 658841
<>, fixed in 2.24.7, not that
there's enough detail there of why they made this change.)

Keep 'em coming... (I realise this may be harder without the LT32 server :)


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