Update of bug #18850 (project freeciv):

        Operating System:       Microsoft Windows => Any                    
                 Summary: changing only cma will not be saved => Mid-turn CMA
changes not saved when game is saved manually


Follow-up Comment #4:

Could we add a way for the server to request that all clients send updated
attribute blocks (containing CMA settings), to be called when a manual save is

It will be fiddly, as the server would need to defer enacting the /save
operation until it's got responses from all connected clients (or given up
waiting). Which I think means it'll need to process more network packets in
the middle of responding to the chat msg containing /save, which means we need
to figure out what to do with subsequent chat messages that come in. Adding
asynchrony like this is bound to introduce bugs.

Still, might be worth it -- it's a bit rubbish that important user state gets
lost in this situation.


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