On 1 December 2013 16:17, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk.fc...@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> I've just disallowed creation of new bugs in the "client-win32" and
> "client-ftwl" categories, since those clients are no longer supported,
> and Windows users (understandably) keep picking the former by mistake.
> (Existing bugs in these categories will remain -- what I've done is
> forbidden transitions into these categories.)

 All that sounds good.

> I'm inclined to do the same to the "editor" category, since it's no
> longer really a separate project, and bugs are probably better reported
> against client-gtk-2.0 etc.

 Currently "Editor" covers both client and server side of the editor
functionality, and specific part of them in that (bugs targeted
against Editor are not as critical as ones targeted against playing
the game). The new development is that there's two clients (gtk2 and
gtk3) that have editor functionality, so sometimes it would make sense
to report which one of them is affected. So I'm not sure about this
one (Disclaimer: having separate "Editor" category was my idea

> I'm also minded to create a new "nations" category, since there are a
> lot of nation tickets, which have their own maintainer (Jos) and
> workflow. (Currently they go into "rulesets".)


 Also, I'm about to create freeciv-ruledit category. Not done that yet
in the fear that project dies to cradle and then we would have useless
category polluting our lists.

 - ML

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