Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21349 (project freeciv):

> Indeed, this wouldn't be appropriate if you wanted a different > AI type for
civil-war players.

 Not only if you want different AI type (actually that does not make
difference at the moment as handicap setting is not yet AI type dependant),
but even if you have different difficulty level between default AI type
players, i.e. if player has level different from what gets assigned by default
to created player.

> I'll leave this to someone else (or me if I ever get round to
> it).

 I have not tested, but I think it's as simple as leaving that line out
completely as call to set_ai_level_direct() a couple of lines later should do
the right thing (and yes, actually it should override what that erronous line
is doing so we don't have end-user visible bug at the moment)


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